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  • Two years ago I was going through some challenging professional times and my wife introduced me to  Rishi Hans and his wife.They were very kind, extremely supportive and in..
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  • I went to the Goodluck store in Gaithesburg MD two years ago at a very difficult time in my life when I was very sick and disappointed about how my life was unfolding. I was for..
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  • The Good Luck store is my favorite places on this planet. The moment that you walk in you are aware that everything in life will work out, and you feel a sense of love and optim..
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  • Rishi, I want you to know that the Rudraksha Ratna bracelets I am wearing have been helping me more and more as I wear them. I will tell you more in person soon about the health..
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  • Hi Rishi, Thank you very much for everything today! I appreciate your help, your willingness to make it possible for me to own my beautiful gemstone bracelet..
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  • Thank you very much for your healing energy! Abigail ..
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  • From the moment we walked into The Good Luck Store for the first time and met Rishi and Shashi, my family's lives were transformed. The positive energy, love and wisdom they..
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  • Good Luck store is a great place with great energy. They have quality products and will order the items for you that they don't have in the store. Very organized and neat be..
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  • Namaste and Thank you Mr Rishi! Your words came to me in a time of need.What a feeling of release I have! Namaste Mr Rishi! Karina ..
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  • Rishi For the interview i went they said they’ll call soon. It was great they got  impress and they want me to work with them All credit goes to y..
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