Q1. Is your business or website a religious website or offers products and solutions from a particular religion?

No, being spiritual does not mean religious. We believe that different religions are different paths to same destination. Happiness, positivity, success, love, peace, harmony, prosperity do not have any religion. However, every religion does have something good to guide to attain all these things. So we aim to find all that is good in any religion, any culture , any system of healing or spiritual practice and after finding satisfactory evidence of those being helpful would like to offer to our customers and clients. Many consider us New age or Metaphysical business. We also strongly believe that we should look for all that is good, we should be open minded and at the same time abstain from criticizing any particular religion, culture or spiritual practice. However, we should not be silent to speak out against any practice which can hurt or harm anyone else. As someone has said

There is so much good in worst of us
And so much bad in best of us
That it ill behoves any of us
To find faults with rest of us.

All we do and all we wish and all we sell flows from our thinking and mission
Sarveshaam Svastir Bhavatu | Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Purnam Bhavatu | Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu ||
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah | Sarve Santu Niramayaah |
Sarve Bhardrani Pashyantu | Maa Kadhchit Duhkhabhahg Bhavet ||

May good befall all,
May there be peace for all,
May all be fit for perfection, and
May all experience that which is auspicious.
May all be happy. May all be healthy.
May all experience what is good and
let no one suffer wih any sorrows
You can enjoy this message through the following video.


Q2. Do you practice witchcraft or sell witchcraft items?

No , we do not.

Q3. Do you offer Psychic readings or Tarot readings?

No. We do not .

Q4. How are you different from psychic readers and those offering spell stuffs etc.?

We offer products and services which are life changing based on Aura Chakra analysis based on scientific principles or equipment. Many times those are supported by astrology analysis provided the correct birth information is available.

Q5. What is Aura Chakra Analysis.?

Please read here to know about Aura Chakra analysis.

Q6. What are Chakras and how do they work?

Please read here.

Q7. My son has some issues but he will not wear Rudraksha or anything else recommended. Can I wear or do which you recommend for him?

If you have headache and your son or daughter takes the pill for headache, does your headache goes away ? I hope you got the answer.

Q8. When I started wearing Rudraksha , I felt it instantly. But after few days I do not feel the same way. Does that mean that it has stopped working?

No not at all. Rudraksha works with your chakras by removing limiting beliefs, clearing blockages ,healing and balancing . If you are coming from hot weather outside into a cool room you feel it much more than the person who is already there in the room and thus after a while you do not feel as cold as when you entered the room. That does not mean the coldness has changed. Similarly when after wearing Rudraksha beads it has started resonating with chakras it keeps working having cleared the initial clearance required.

Q9. How do I maintain my Rudraksaha beads?

Your Rudraksha bead combinations can last whole life time with full effectivity if they are kept properly and maintained. One can buy a Rudraksha Maintenance kit and follow the following instructions.
Rudraksha Cleaning
Soak your beads in lukewarm water overnight.You may put a drop of a soap and also couple of drops of holy water. In the morning apply a little sandalwood paste and wash it gently cleaning with the brush. Leave it to dry for 6-8 hours .When dry apply some Sandalwood oil with the tooth brush.

Hold your beads over the smoke of incense(black color dhoop in the kit) for about a minute. You may chant ' Om Namah Shivaya ' Hold it between your two hands to charge it with your intentions and affirmations for the purpose you are wearing it for. And wear it .

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