The Good Luck store is my favorite places on this planet. The moment that you walk in you are aware that everything in life will work out, and you feel a sense of love and optimism. This energy has been cultivated by Rishi Hans/ Shashi Hans and their staff. I chanced upon the store during a very dark period in my life. After I began consulting with Mr.Rishi, I noticed very poignant and positive changes in all areas of my life. Using Rudraksha beads, meditations, gemstones and attending the very informative and thought provoking workshops have helped me immensely. I have suggested the shop to friends and relatives and they have all had similar results. Rishi and Shashi are two of my favorite people . They helped me to see light in dark places, to let go of, what needs to be let go of, to believe in the power of my dreams and goals- but most importantly to go within. To cultivate a relationship with myself so that I can ultimately also be of service to humanity. The love friendship and wisdom that they have brought to my world is not even describable in words.The Rishis have helped me to become a better person and my heart will forever be filled with gratitude for such a priceless gift! Thank you!

Heather Wiggins
( Works for Library of congress and is also a visiting assistant professor )

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