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Disharmony, bickerings, lots of arguments, quarrels, tensions in the family for no visible reason , ill health,  feeling of depression, fatigue, frustrations of things not materializing or happening the way they should, feelings of being stuck as if someone is holding you back, feeling drained and fatigued often, feeling lack of motivation, money draining on unexpected expenses, financial losses etc. are all signs of the house or workplace clogged and trapped  by negative and heavy energies and that the Chi energy is not flowing freely in the space.

Cleansing rituals and ceremonies help to remove negative energies. The difference in the way you feel will be amazing, because it can profoundly change and improve your physical, mental health and well being. 

A cleansing ritual works on the energy of your house at once, giving it great power. These rituals or ceremonies work on a purely energetic level affecting the invisible elements of the site, which includes spiritual and emotional energies as well as energetic residues left by previous occupants or the energies brought home from outside. 

And it is  all the more important that before moving into a new home you perform cleansing and remove any negative energies left by the previous occupants.

In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to o the following Full Cleansing Ritual steps

Or a Quick process.

The following steps are necessary to do for Full Cleansing Ritual.

If you have never done it before it is recommended to do a full Cleansing .

Express Cleansing Ritual is recommended periodically say once or twice a year.

Full Cleansing Ritual to clear ,shift or change the energy-

 Step 1: Clean the house from top to bottom and have cleared out all the excess junk in every room, open the windows to allow the chi (energy) to move freely..

Step 2: Wash your hands, arms and face and take off any jewelry and your shoes, as these will have absorbed their own negative energies. These if sprayed with Sage spray will have carrying negative energies neutralized.
Step 3. It is recommended that you protect yourself when you are doing the cleansing ritual by wearing a protection pendant of black onyx or black tourmaline or black obsidian or Selenite which deflect negative energy away from you.

Step4. Burn Purifying “Rosemary” and “White sage” candle in the center of each room.

Rosemary is very well known to cleanse invisibles vibrations, unwanted influences, and "keep out" evil spirits. It has excellent purifying qualities. Now, burn one Purifying "Rosemary"  and white  sage candle in the center of each floor of the house, or at the front door, back door and center of your apartment if you live in on one level. Rosemary  is a powerful feng shui cure and plays a vital role in the cleansing ritual. If you have more than one floor ,then you need to do this at each level.

Place  a Selenite crystal stick or chunk with a clear quartz, amethyst, citrine and rose quartz.

 ( You can also  place 3 flowers beside a white candle to absorb negative. vibrations. You will need three flowers; one red for life and happiness, a yellow one for joy and a white one for cleansing and healing. Place the flowers beside the candle to absorb negative vibrations. After the cleansing, wrap the flowers in tissue paper and throw them away. )

Step 5. Burn a "Sage smudge” or “CLEARING NEGATIVITY RESIN”  and waft it along all the walls. Keep repeating your intention to cleanse the house while you do this. When you get back to the front door, wave the smoke in a figure of eight pattern.   Place it over heatproof container and light the end.

Step 6.  Dissipate stagnant energy by using a large Tibetan bell. Ring a large bell in each part of the house, starting with a low ring, then one a little higher and finally as high as you can. Tibetan bells has special sound that balance energy and dissipate bad energies in any place, also used to balance the chackras of the body. Used for special rituals by Tibetan Buddhists to call the presence of Buddha and the Deities. A singing bowl can also be used in place of a bell.

Step 7. After cleansing, protect your home by keeping a Selenite Lamp or  hanging a bagua mirror and a nine pyramid grid.

Bagua Mirror is one of the most powerful and protective cure used in Feng Shui practice. It is used to protect a house from harmful energy which may attack the occupants, also can be used in office and shops on front doors (outside) to deflect negative energy from poison arrows such us sharp edge of a building, tree trunk, any kind of tower, the angle of a roof line and any other offending structure facing at your front door. It draws energy towards and it is considered to have the power to preserve against misfortune and assure future prosperity.

Step 8. Finishing -Sealing with Dragons Blood. At the completion of your space clearing ritual, you will want to seal the fresh new energy that you've created throughout your home. To seal a room or home, draw a symbol in the air with a crystal, it could be Crystal quartz or similar. The sign of infinity is excellent for this purpose, but you can also choose signs that feel right to you. This symbolically closes the clearing and sets its energy into the space. Finally, smoke dragon blood candle or resin to give a protective mantle to your home

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