• Two years ago I was going through some challenging professional times and my wife introduced me to  Rishi Hans and his wife.They were very kind, extremely supportive and introduced me to eastern spirituality. I  discovered the great powers  and benefits of Rudraksha beads.  This was life changing and my wife and I have been blessed and fortunate with their friendship.
    Visit the store and see for yourself.
    L. O, MD
    Dr.Luc Oke

  • I went to the Goodluck store in Gaithesburg MD two years ago at a very difficult time in my life when I was very sick and disappointed about how my life was unfolding. I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Shashi Hans and then a few weeks later her husband, Mr.  Rishi Hans. They are very positive people. They advised me on the best Rudraksha and gemstones combination to wear. Since I started wearing the combinations my overall health had improved dramatically. I am feeling stronger every day and have a better outlook on life now. Mr. and Mrs. Hans are trusted advisors in their field and I recommend them to anyone". Irma O. Maryland

  • The Good Luck store is my favorite places on this planet. The moment that you walk in you are aware that everything in life will work out, and you feel a sense of love and optimism. This energy has been cultivated by Rishi Hans/ Shashi Hans and their staff. I chanced upon the store during a very dark period in my life. After I began consulting with Mr.Rishi, I noticed very poignant and positive changes in all areas of my life. Using Rudraksha beads, meditations, gemstones and attending the very informative and thought provoking workshops have helped me immensely. I have suggested the shop to friends and relatives and they have all had similar results. Rishi and Shashi are two of my favorite people . They helped me to see light in dark places, to let go of, what needs to be let go of, to believe in the power of my dreams and goals- but most importantly to go within. To cultivate a relationship with myself so that I can ultimately also be of service to humanity. The love friendship and wisdom that they have brought to my world is not even describable in words.The Rishis have helped me to become a better person and my heart will forever be filled with gratitude for such a priceless gift! Thank you!
    Heather Wiggins
    ( Works for Library of congress and is also a visiting assistant professor )

  • Rishi, I want you to know that the Rudraksha Ratna bracelets I am wearing have been helping me more and more as I wear them. I will tell you more in person soon about the health benefits, and now I am experiencing a deeper connection with myself and my ability to connect with others who are on a higher path.
      Bonnie Patterino

  • Hi Rishi, Thank you very much for everything today! I appreciate your help, your willingness to make it possible for me to own my beautiful gemstone bracelets, and for helping me open my heart more today... It was already a good day with good news about my health (good blood work results), and you and Shashi always uplift those you are with.

  • Thank you very much for your healing energy!

  • From the moment we walked into The Good Luck Store for the first time and met Rishi and Shashi, my family's lives were transformed. The positive energy, love and wisdom they share has truly blessed our lives, through their workshops, chakra work, crystals, jewelry and so many gifts we have blessed others with--we are so grateful to Rishi and Shashi and the work they do to help people achieve  happiness and peace. We personally found an enriched and healthy life through The Good Lick Store and our dear friends there. Thank you so much Mr Rishi and Ms Shashi! We know we will be lifelong Good Luck friends!   Master Marco Sies •7 Time World Champion •Author of the book, The Master Method •Host of the television program, The Master Method •Founder of The Master Method Academy

  • Good Luck store is a great place with great energy. They have quality products and will order the items for you that they don't have in the store. Very organized and neat because that maintains the good chi.

  • Namaste and Thank you Mr Rishi! Your words came to me in a time of need.What a feeling of release I have! Namaste Mr Rishi! Karina

  • Rishi For the interview i went they said they’ll call soon. It was great they got  impress and they want me to work with them All credit goes to you. I am very thankful for the GOD he meet me the  person who have all the solutions for my problems Romita,Canada

  • Rishi Thank you very much for all your positive energy and all your good advice, everything went great with my brother he is now a permanent resident of united states! 
    Always great full to you  Andrea

  • Thank you very much for your advice you right always positive and a strong Believe on my Lord first of all and then my Rudraksha! 
    Thank you Rishi  Andrea Harrera

  • Thank you Rishi and Shashi for an enlightening seminar.  It was physics/metaphysics.  All of which  I understand and will put to practice throughout my life.  I even find myself thanking God for this rain.  My garden looks like heaven Diane

  • Good morning! I was happy to see you two, & felt much better by the time I left (I was veeeeeeeery tired!).  
    The universe was probably giving me a chance to get my blood sugar better controlled, and drink more of the rudraksha water :)   See you next week. ~Abi

  • Thank you so much for the reading it is very enlightening.  I truly appreciate the kindness that you have shown to me Metzger Sharon

  • Hi Rishi Sir,
    I want to give some positive feedback on the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha . May be a coincidence but good things have been happening ever since I brought it home. Must be your good wishes that came with it!)

  • Hello this is Emily, I attended your Chakra worship this past Sunday, I left in a hurry And didn't get to say thank you. I enjoyed the class very much and I really appreciate you and your wife doing that. Thanks again.   Emily. 

  • Dear Rishi, Thank you very much for helping me raise my energy and chakra levels . In gratitude and with blessings,   Lyn

  • Good Day Mr. Hans, We have been following the Chakra and the Positive Affirmations and are getting good results.  I am feeling much better physically and emotionally. Thanks for introducing us to the Chakras

  • Good Morning Rishi, I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience!    I have the lamp on the kitchen table at present and am looking for the perfect spot in my living room area.   Thank you sooooo  much. I am extremely happy with my purchase.   My youngest daughter LOVES it too.   Bernie Spicer | Assistant General Manager
    Bernie.Spicer@cblproperties.com Harford Mall | 410.879.9319 x227 | 410.879.6905 Fax
    696A Bel Air Road, Bel Air, Maryland 21014

  • Thank you for all your help today, I love coming to your store and learning new things...DON'T EVER LEAVE :-)  Thanks again, Jessica Carter

  • Good evening sir, Thanks you so much for enlightening me in regards to my aura and the state of my chakras.   I really appreciate your time, energy and knowledge and I am looking forward to learning more from you.   Respectfully, 
    Robin Streeter

  • Dear Mr. Rishi, I would like to thank you and your family for the wonderful workshop, and lunch!!! I thought it was excellent--very informative, beneficial, and helpful to me. As a matter of fact, over the last several days, I have frequently reminded myself that I can change my story about something :) Thank you again, and have a wonderful day!!   Heather

  • Namaste Teacher 
    The class was wonderful. It provided me with just what I need; but you already knew that. Thank you and your beautiful wife for sharing your love and knowledge with us. 
    Looking forward to what’s next now that the gate is open :).

    Alva Snell

  • Hi Rishi. Thank you  I feel that the beads are working. I feel that I am getting less stringent in my routines. It's as if I'm letting go of my rigid schedule and am allowing myself to enjoy more. Last night while I slept I kept hearing myself say all night, "My heart is radiant" "My heart is radiant". My spiritual friends say I seem more relaxed. Today marks the 10th day I have been wearing the beads. Thanks again Hilary

  • Thanks for agreeing to speak at my house Rishi. Thursday, November 8th at 8 pm sounds great. I'm sure whatever you talk about will be interesting and enlightening for my group. In Love and Light, Hilary Loewenstein Spiritual Teacher

  • Thank you Mr. Hans for the information. My wife loves the crystal Shri Yantra. Happy new year  to your family. Thanks again!


  • Good morning, Rishi!  
    Your store should be called a treasure chest:) though Good Luck name is great as well!
      Thank you for all your help!
    All the best to you and your wonderful family!

  • Hi Rishi, Thank you so much for your prayers because I actually feel like a brand new person today and in good spirits! Have a great day!

  • Rishi,
    I appreciate all the care you have given me and my son. Thank and again..
    Wishing you the best in the new year, Sylvette

  • Thank u so much for such a nice packing and for extra blessings of rudraskh. It meant a lot to me. 

    You got me as your lifetime customer now. Thanks. 
    God bless your business.  Malkeet Kaur

  • Thank you so much and thanks for being a part of my healing journey. Shelly Dunhill

  • Hi Hans ji thank you for help me for puja. i am waiting for other energized items to place at home . Thank you. Alka Rani

  • Dear Mr. Hans,
    It was nice talking to you over the phone. You showed me new light and thank you for inspiration. Thank you
    Mrs. Mukerjee

  • Rishi Thank you so much.  I feel, there is hope for me.  Elizabeth

  • Rishi Hi thank you the upper back pain and Tension disappear one's I walked out the mall.  My sistem is cleaning in the AM I unload and my stomachs is good now I had inflation thanks  I forgot to talk you my throat is clear I was able to sing when I drove from md to n Carolina.  Beefore it all ways hurt when tried to sing. Thanks Jesus Zepeda   Hi on the second week i won 1250 USD i stop to take A break in a cacino in new mexico and i got 1250 the 3rd week i won 3000 usd in the same cacino i stop there to take a break i was bery tired but i got to the restaurant to eate and afther had diner i play for 15 minutes i got 3000 and i got a room and had a good sleep thank you.

  • Good Morning, My wife and I Kim really appreciate your workshops. They are very educational and helpful in our spiritual journey in life.    Chris Paolucci

  • "Good Luck Store" is not actually just a good luck store.  It is much more than that. It is much deeper and more meaning and full of energy in that little place!! I was referred by an acquaintance who was hired by the company I was working for.  They serviced us for 5 days and in that time, we got to talking to each other. There was a lot of things going on in my life, like back stabbing, jealousy, meaning me harm etc etc.  He knew exactly what I was talking about and he then gave me the Good Luck store telephone number and said that I should contact them as they can help me.  The next day I contacted them and made the appointment for the following weekend. I was a total mess and things are still a little unbalance.  I lost my job, did not get any money back from the company.  Had a terrible feeling in my stomach like a knife  turned inside of me.  That's how I was feeling and could not shake that feeling off till last month.  You give your life to a company for 26 yrs and it boils down to this!  But now, I have come such a long way from that first day.  Thanks to Rishi and Shashi.  Today I have my confidence back.    Everything that happens in life, has a reason for it.  Today I know that there was a reason I was supposed to be out of that job, in order to get a much better job and where people will appreciate me for who I am and what I do.  Thank you both for making me believe in myself.  I will always remember that.  The beads that was suggested for me to wear, have been helping me a lot.  I cannot go without it. The workshops are always so helpful and I have learnt so much about meditation, staying positive and not giving in to negativity.  I can go any time to the store and am greeted with such warmth and humor and a sense of peace comes over me.  I don't want to keep this long (as I can still go on and on....)  But Thank you Rishi for your kindness and wisdom and your positive energy.  God bless you both and hope you continue to help lots of other people like me.   Love always,

  • 'I have been coming to Good Luck Store for a few years. The owners and Staff are excellent, knowledgable and discerning. I had a very personal struggle and battle and the advice given to me and what to buy and use , helped out tremendously. I walked awy from my personal battle victoriously. Thanks to Rishi and Shashi for their advice. I recommend them to all my friends and family.' Claude Jackson ( Police officer , Maryland)

  • Hello Rishi, 

    I have been wearing my mangalmaya & wisdom pendant together for almost a couple of years now & I definitely notice a difference in my character. I have an increased amount of confidence when it comes to school & work. Meditating along with some peaceful mantras helps a lot as well. I went from negative thoughts throughout the day & always doubting myself to breathing nothing but positivity! -Michelle

  • Hello Rishi
    Definitely recommend these wonderful  Rudraksha  beads to everyone! When I first received my beads, they were packed nicely with instructions included on how to wear. I wear my beads everyday and I truly feel they work miracles. My entire family is absolutely obsessed with their beads as well. I noticed a change in my everday life and I don't regret trying it out! My happiness is now most important and I look forward to continue my life with these beads. -Wendy

  • The Good Luck store really should be the Happy Happy Place.  Rishi and Shashi  are truly wonderful, positive individuals.  They are loving, caring and compassionate people, who offer wonderful, positive thoughts and encouragement, as well as multitude of wonderful products to heal one's self.  Healing and knowledge is one of the gifts that you leave the Good Luck store with.  Rishi and Shashi have provided me with quality products, from Geodes, gems, Rudrasksha Ratna, Christian Rosarys, candles, incents, lamps, music, CDs  to Chaskra learning tools.  I find myself visiting  the wonderful store at least once a week for my weekly  positive fueling, and I seefm to always find something that I need.....  I really enjoy the warm smiles  from everyone there.   Rishi and Shashi are  lifetime friends.  They are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you to you both for the Good Luck store. Diane M. 

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